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HomeMart Magazine is proud to have served the Lincoln, Nebraska area for over a quarter of a century. HomeMart has striven to provide the public with a convenient and effective method to locate properties for sale. And, to help Realtors and their clients sell their listings at an affordable advertising cost.
Because copies of HomeMart are free to the public, only those interested in Lincoln's real estate market pick it up. That means every copy reaches its target - someone interested in buying or selling real estate.
HomeMart is the most up-to-date real estate magazine in Lincoln with a new issue published EVERY TWO WEEKS (every other Saturday). HomeMart is prepared for printing in only a few days, not weeks - making HomeMart fresh and filled with properties still on the market.
Other real estate magazines take almost a month to prepare their publication. Their magazine then stays on the shelf for a month, making their information less current, out-of-date and up to 2 months old. HomeMart is the best choice to find real estate for sale in a convenient and timely manner.

A Message From
the Owners of HomeMart Magazine and the HomeMart Web site.

In order to extend this service and expand on this concept of affordable real estate advertising services, each issue of Homemart is now available on the World Wide Web! If someone does not have a current copy of HomeMart Magazine, they can go to HomeMart's web site and view all the pages of the latest issue of HomeMart there!

HomeMart's web site not only contains all the pages of HomeMart, but also additional points of interest such as: featured properties and real estate agents, specials of the week, New Construction builders, video walk-throughs of properties for sale, information about well-respected real estate related companies, and internet links to other important sites of interest to those searching for a home in our community.

Let HomeMart do the work for you! If you are interested in Lincoln's real estate, HomeMart will provide you with timely information about Lincoln's current real estate market. And, if you are wanting to sell a property, contact one of HomeMart's advertisers - who will be happy to put HomeMart to work helping you find a buyer!

Remember to pick up the current issue of HomeMart Magazine every two weeks at a convenient pickup location, or find the pages of HomeMart on the web at: www.homemartmagazine.com

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