Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of inquires about our magazine. In order to better
serve new and existing clients, here are some of the most frequently asked questions relating
to our publication.

Do I have to sign a contract to advertise in HomeMart?
No, you may advertise on an issue by issue basis at a low price. However, reserving space through HomeMart’s popular “quarter year” contract guarantees your ad will be included and you will also save money.

How often does a new issue of the magazine come out?
Every 2 weeks there is a new magazine in the pickup racks around town. Every other Saturday we publish our new edition of HomeMart. We have current, up-to-date listings in each issue of HomeMart because each issue is prepared in only days, not weeks. Other real estate publications take weeks to prepare and come out only once a month. This gives HomeMart the distinct advantage of displaying current properties for sale, not old, out-of-date information.

Must I buy a whole page or can I take a smaller ad?
You do not have to buy a whole page. Half page ads are also very popular.

How is HomeMart distributed?
HomeMart magazine is published every 2 weeks and distributed over a wide area including surrounding communities such as: Beatrice, Palmyra, Syracuse, Unidilla,Nebraska City, Seward and others. Within Lincoln, HomeMart’s distribution network consists of almost 200 pickup locations all around town. Copies of HomeMart are easy to find at grocery stores, convenience stores, real estate offices, and many other locations.

Can we get an ad on the website?
HomeMart's website has all pages of the current issue displayed at no additional charge. Those interested in Lincoln’s real estate market can view the pages of the current issue of HomeMart easily on the web site.
If you would like to take advantage of HomeMart’s readers, consider a banner ad or even a special page that will draw more viewers to what you have to offer. If you work with new construction housing, you might want to be involved in HomeMart’s “New Construction” section. If you have a special listing you want to attract more attention to, consider HomeMart’s “Specials of the Month” section.

What other services does HomeMart offer?
HomeMart can help in the building and maintenance of websites for Realtors and real estate related businesses. A professional and functional website is an important tool that will help develop your business. HomeMart can also provide special services such as “video walk-throughs” of properties enabling the public to see an “open house” room-by-room from their computer at home.

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